The Role and History of the Pace Car in NASCAR

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If you’re watching a motorsport event, you might see a car on the track that’s not a race car. This vehicle is called a pace car, and while most race series refer to it as a safety car, NASCAR refers to it as a pace car. The pace car has several functions, including guiding cars during a caution and leading the parade lap. What is the purpose and role of the pace car in NASCAR? When did the pace car first enter NASCAR races? Who drives the pace car on the track? Let’s find out!

Purpose of the Pace Car in NASCAR

The pace car has a few different roles on race day. Its most important job is slowing down the field and guiding them through the race track under caution. The flagman waves a yellow flag to indicate the start of a caution period, and the pace car enters the track at the front of the field so that all cars can line up behind it.

Role of the Pace Car on the Track

While the pace car is out, drivers must follow the racing line it takes. They cannot exceed the speed of the pace car, which is often much slower than they’d typically drive on the track. The pace car also leads the race during parade laps at the start, and it informs drivers of the speed allowed on pit roads.

History of the NASCAR Pace Car

Pace cars and safety cars have been one of the unique features of motor racing that allow race directors to deploy on-track officials safely. One of the earliest records of a NASCAR pace car predates the racing organization itself. NASCAR started in 1948, but the NASCAR Hall of Fame usually points to a Cadillac Coup that was driven at the Daytona Beach and Road Course in 1941 as one of NASCAR’s first official pace cars.

Are the Pace Cars the Same for Every Race?

The pace car can change in NASCAR depending on the sponsor for a specific race. Chevrolet, Toyota, Dodge, and Ford all have their pace cars for their sponsored races. In the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series, the pace car is usually a truck by the same automakers.

Electric Pace Car History

In 2022, NASCAR introduced a history-making pace vehicle when the new Ford Lightning F-150 pickup truck served as the pace car at Martinsville Speedway. The all-electric Mustang Mach-E served as the pace car at Talladega Superspeedway the year before. This push to include all-electric vehicles as pace cars is part of an attempt to bring eco-consciousness to racing and improve the perception of electric vehicles to NASCAR fans.

Who Drives the NASCAR Pace Car?

The current NASCAR pace car driver is Brett Bodine, as of 2022. However, there are some instances where celebrities drive the pace car during the parade lap.

Conclusion: What is a Pace Car in NASCAR?

The pace car is a unique feature of American racing. Since the vehicle changes every week, fans can connect with the race cars in a novel way since there’s a production car they’re familiar with on the track. The pace car is also essential for maintaining driver safety during the race.

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