Will NASCAR Ban Wall Riding? Here’s What We Know

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Introducing the Question

In recent weeks, NASCAR has been considering whether to ban a controversial racing tactic known as “wall riding”. Wall riding is when drivers use the wall of the track to make their car go faster. The practice is frowned upon by many in the sport because it can be dangerous and could potentially cause serious injury or worse. So, will NASCAR ultimately decide that enough is enough and officially outlaw wall riding?

What Is Wall Riding?

Wall riding has become increasingly popular in recent years among some racers looking for an edge over their competition. It involves using the barrier walls on either side of the track to gain extra speed while cornering or navigating tight turns. This can give a driver an advantage if done correctly, but it also comes with considerable risks such as potential damage to both cars involved and possible injuries for those inside them.

Why Has There Been Pushback Against Wall Riding?

NASCAR officials have expressed concern about wall riding due to its dangerous nature and potential repercussions if something goes wrong during a race. They worry that allowing this type of driving on tracks could lead to serious accidents, which would not only endanger drivers but also spectators watching from nearby stands or suites at certain events. Additionally, there are fears that it might encourage more reckless behavior from other racers who want to take advantage of wall-riding techniques themselves without understanding all of its dangers first-hand.

Conclusion: Will NASCAR Ban Wall Riding?

Ultimately, only time will tell whether NASCAR decides that wall-riding should be officially outlawed or not – though they seem poised towards taking action soon one way or another depending on what they learn through further investigation into this issue moving forward. In any case, it appears clear that safety must remain paramount in any decision related to this matter so as ensure everyone’s wellbeing while still keeping competitive racing alive and well within our beloved motorsport industry!