Why Bowling Isn’t an Olympic Sport and What It Could Mean for the Future

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What is Bowling?

Bowling is a popular pastime that dates back centuries. It involves rolling a heavy ball down an alley towards pins, to knock over as many pins as possible. The game has been played in various forms throughout history, but modern bowling was invented in the United States during the 19th century. Today, bowling alleys can be found all around the world and it remains one of America’s favorite recreational activities.

Why Isn’t Bowling an Olympic Sport?

Despite its popularity and long-standing history, bowling isn’t considered an Olympic sport. This seems strange since many other sports that involve throwing objects are included in the Olympics such as track and field events like discus or javelin throwing, shot put or hammer throw events. So why isn’t bowling part of this prestigious event?

One reason may be because it isn’t widely practiced around the world; while some countries have embraced it more than others do not consider it to be a serious competitive sport due to its laid-back atmosphere and lack of physical exertion required for success at high levels. Other reasons could include a lack of international governing body overseeing competitions or regulations on equipment used by competitors which makes standardizing rules difficult across different countries or regions.


Although there are several possible reasons for why bowling has not been included in the Olympics as an official sport, we may never know the exact factors that prevented its inclusion unless further investigation is conducted into the decision made many years ago. However, for now, bowling enthusiasts can still enjoy playing friendly matches against each other, content in the knowledge that they will not have to compete on a global stage like their counterparts who practice more traditional athletic sports at a higher level.