Why Don’t Women’s Lacrosse Players Wear Helmets? Uncovering The Reasons.

lacrosse sticks on green field

Why Don’t Women’s Lacrosse Players Wear Helmets?

Most sports require helmets to be worn by players, but women’s lacrosse is one of the few exceptions. Despite the fact that it’s a contact sport, female players don’t wear protective headgear. This begs the question: why don’t women’s lacrosse players wear helmets?

The History of Lacrosse

Lacrosse has its origins in North American Indigenous games and was originally played without protective equipment. The game has changed significantly since then, and even today, men’s lacrosse teams often play without face masks or helmets — though they are available as optional pieces of equipment for male players who choose to use them.

Safety Concerns Over Helmets in Women’s Lacrosse

So why do women not typically wear helmets when playing lacrosse? The answer lies mainly in safety concerns over their possible use on the field. It is believed that helmets could potentially increase the risks of injury associated with head-to-head contact during gameplay due to their added weight and bulkiness. Furthermore, no studies have been done to prove their effectiveness against possible collisions in this sport, which means that wearing a helmet may offer little protection from serious injuries such as concussions. In addition, some argue that due to gender differences between male and female athletes (such as size), any helmet designed for men might not adequately protect female players during gameplay.


In conclusion, although helmets are an important part of many sports for both genders, women’s lacrosse does not typically require them because of potential health risks associated with wearing bulky headgear during gameplay along with other reasons like gender differences among athletes’ sizes and shapes. Ultimately, coaches will continue to monitor player safety closely while evaluating whether or not it would be beneficial to introduce helmet use into the game at all levels so that everyone can enjoy this fun sport safely.