The Fascinating Reason Why NASCAR Drivers Turn Left So Much

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What is NASCAR and Why Does It Turn Left All The Time?

NASCAR, or the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, is a highly competitive form of auto racing which has become one of America’s most popular spectator sports. Since its inception in 1948, NASCAR has been thrilling fans with its high-speed races on oval tracks that typically take left turns. But why does it turn left all the time?

The History Behind NASCAR’s Left Turns

The simple answer to this question comes down to history. When stock car racing first originated in Daytona Beach, Florida during the 1940s, these cars were mostly driven on large beachside roads whose turns went only one way – left! This was due to local traffic laws at the time that required drivers to pass each other by turning left onto a stretch of road called Ormond Avenue rather than right onto South Atlantic Avenue. By going counterclockwise around this oval track (left turn) drivers could avoid any potential head-on collisions and safely reach their destination.

This decision proved so successful that when Bill France Sr., founder of what would become NASCAR, organized his first stock car race in 1948 he chose an oval track that had multiple long straightaways connected by tight corners where competitors would have to make their trademarked “NASCAR” left turn every lap! As a result, “turning left” became synonymous with the sport and remains ingrained into it today as part of its unique culture and identity.

Why Do Other Professional Motorsport Races Turn Right Too?

While many professional motor sport races still use ovals with predominantly right turns (including Formula 1), there are actually some exceptions – including American open wheel IndyCar racing! These vehicles also tend to adhere strictly to either clockwise or counterclockwise circular courses depending on safety regulations set forth by local authorities; such as not being able to overtake another vehicle while travelling in opposite directions on public roads like those seen near Daytona Beach in decades past! Therefore both types can be found within modern motorsport competitions worldwide – keep an eye out for those trademarked “NASCAR” corner signs indicating which direction you should be taking next: usually towards your trusty ol’ friend…the LEFT TURN lane!


At its core, NASCAR’s success lies in its ability to embrace its roots while simultaneously adapting with new technologies and trends over time – something evident even within it’s iconic ‘left turns.’ From amateur street racers competing against each other on winding roads back then through until now as a multi-million dollar franchise driving technological advancements forward; one thing will always remain true: whether you’re watching from home or attending live events at world famous speedways around North America; when you hear them call out ‘drivers start your engines,’ know that they’ll soon be making their signature move…a sharp LEFT TURN!!