Why Do They Call A Soccer Field A Pitch? Exploring The Origins Of This Popular Sport Terminology

woman in black and white soccer jersey kicking soccer ball on green field during daytime


The Mysterious Origins of Soccer Pitch

Have you ever wondered why a soccer field is called a “pitch”? This curious term has been used to refer to soccer fields since the game’s earliest days, but its origin remains somewhat mysterious. Theories abound as to where the name came from and what it actually refers to, and in this article we’ll explore some of the most popular theories and examine the evidence behind them.

What does “pitch” mean?

When it comes down to it, there are two main interpretations for what “pitch” means when referring to a soccer field. The first interpretation is that “pitch” simply refers to how level or flat an area is – in other words, how well suited it is for playing sports like soccer on. This theory suggests that areas which were deemed suitable for sporting activities were referred to as pitches due their even surface quality.

The second interpretation of pitch relates more closely with its literal definition: pitching something forward or at someone else (as in baseball). According to this theory, fields used for playing sports such as soccer were referred by those terms because they involved members of one team throwing something (a ball) towards another team while trying not be tackled or intercepted by opponents along the way.

Historical Evidence

Though neither explanation has been definitively proven right or wrong, historians have uncovered some compelling evidence which may shed light on why a soccer field became known as a pitch centuries ago. For example, documents dating back hundreds of years show that towns would set aside specific areas specifically for sporting events – including early versions of modern day football games. These areas were often described using terms like ‘the pitch ground’ suggesting that these locations had already become associated with sports such as football prior their official naming conventions being established .


Ultimately though no one knows exactly why these fields are now known around the world as pitches – whether because they are flat enough for people play sport on them or because teams throw balls across them during matches – but regardless both explanations hold weight given their historical context!