Why Do Tennis Players Blow On Their Fingers? The Science Behind This Strange Ritual

person wearing pair of white low-top sneakers while holding Wilson tennis racket


What Is the Reason Tennis Players Blow on Their Fingers?

Have you ever seen a professional tennis player take a break between points and blow on their fingers? It may look like an odd superstition, but it’s actually based in science. Blowing on your fingers can have several beneficial effects for athletes who are playing for long periods of time.

The Cooling Effect

One of the main reasons that players blow on their hands is because of the cooling effect it has. When you exhale onto your skin, you create a thin layer of moisture which evaporates and cools down the surface temperature. This helps to reduce hand fatigue during long games or matches, as well as providing relief from any aches or pains caused by gripping tennis racquets tightly over an extended period of time.

Psychological Benefit

Aside from physical benefits, there’s also a psychological aspect to blowing on your fingers before each point or game. Taking this brief moment gives players time to pause and refocus before they move onto their next shot – allowing them to stay calm and collected throughout their match rather than becoming overwhelmed with anxiety or stress about upcoming shots.


Blowing on one’s fingertips may seem like an unusual habit for tennis players, but it serves its purpose both physically and psychologically! Not only does it provide some cooling relief against hot surfaces like racquet handles, but it also allows players some valuable moments of reflection so they can stay concentrated during intense matches – giving them a better chance at winning!