The Mystery Of Golf Announcers: Why Do They Whisper?

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The Mystery of Whispering Golf Announcers

You may have noticed that the announcers often speak in hushed tones when watching golf on TV. Have you ever wondered why they whisper? It turns out there’s a very good reason for this unusual broadcasting technique. In this article, we’ll explore why golf announcers tend to keep their voices low and how it affects viewers’ experience of the game.

Why Do Announcers Whisper?

Golf announcers whisper because they are trying to create an atmosphere of suspense and tension in the broadcast. This is especially important when players take their shots or compete in a tournament-style match where every stroke counts. By speaking quietly and slowly, commentators provide commentary without distracting from the action or affecting player performance. Additionally, whispering helps give viewers an up-close feeling as if they were actually present at the course instead of just watching on TV.

How Does It Affect Viewers?

Not only does whispering help enhance viewer experience by creating an immersive atmosphere but it can also be used to emphasize key moments in a competition such as when someone makes amazing shot or achieves something special like sinking a putt from far away with accuracy and grace. The soft tones also allow viewers to focus more intently on each moment without being distracted by loud noises which could pull them out of the momentary thrill that comes with witnessing great plays during competitions.


Whispering is an essential part of broadcasting sports like golf. It helps create suspense and emphasizes key moments while still allowing players to compete without distraction from noise interference from commentators’ microphones too close by for comfort! This technique provides viewers with an intimate feeling as though they were right there at the course experiencing all its joys along with those playing – making us all feel like winners no matter what happens!