Why Do Female Tennis Players Tuck Their Skirts? Here’s The Answer!

man playing tennis


The Unsolved Mystery of the Tucked Tennis Skirt

It’s a mystery that has been perplexing tennis fans for decades: why do female players tuck their skirts into their pants or shorts when competing? We can all agree it looks silly, but there must be some method to the madness. Let’s take a look at what might be behind this peculiar habit and discover why female tennis players are so keen to compromise fashion on the court.

Uncomfortable Undergarments

A popular theory is that ladies’ skirts are tucked in order to keep them from riding up while they play. In many cases, women wear special underwear beneath their tennis attire, including compression shorts and spandex bottoms – which can bunch up if not properly held down by clothing. By tucking away any excess fabric, women can avoid an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction and focus instead on playing a good game of tennis.

Keeping Cool

Another reason could be that tucking in the hemline helps athletes stay cool during intense matches. Some materials used to make sportswear can retain heat and become uncomfortable during long periods of physical activity. By keeping things snug around the waist, sweat is less likely to build up as quickly – providing additional relief from oppressive summer temperatures as well as helping with muscle fatigue caused by constant movement and exertion over time.


While we may never know exactly why female tennis players choose to stuff their skirts into shorts or pants during competitive games, we can surmise that comfort (both mental and physical) plays an important role in this decision-making process. Whether it’s avoiding awkwardness due to ill-fitting undergarments or cooling off more efficiently under hot conditions – one thing is certain – no matter how silly it may look, these ladies have found a way to get ahead on the court!