Why Do Basketball Players Wear Mouthguards? The Surprising Benefits

Wilson basketball on floor



Basketball is an exciting and fast-paced sport, with players jumping and running up and down the court. But why do basketball players wear mouthguards? While these accessories may not be mandatory for all leagues, there are several good reasons why athletes should consider wearing them during games. In this blog post, we’ll explore why it’s important for basketball players to wear a mouthguard while playing the game.

Risk of Injury

Like any physical activity or sport, playing basketball comes with some risk of injury. Mouth injuries can occur when someone takes a hard fall or gets hit in the face by an errant elbow or ball. Having a mouthguard in place can help protect your lips, teeth ,and gums from being damaged or injured during play. This will also help avoid costly dental bills if you happen to get hurt while on the court.

Preventing Concussions

Athletes who engage in contact sports like football often wear helmets to prevent head injuries such as concussions; however, many people don’t realize that wearing a mouthguard can reduce the risk of suffering a concussion as well. A study conducted by The University of North Carolina found that athletes who wore custom-fitted boil-and-bite style guards had lower rates of concussion compared to those who didn’t use one at all . Wearing a properly fitted guard helps absorb shock from impact and limit movement between teeth which can result from blows to the head .

Improve Performance

Mouthguards don’t just provide protection against injury – they also improve performance on the court! Studies have shown that using a custom fitting guard improves reaction time and alertness when making decisions under pressure . Additionally , having something covering your lower lip gives an extra layer of comfort so you can focus entirely on your performance without worrying about biting your lip by accident !

Conclusion Basketball is becoming increasingly popular across different age groups , but it ‘s important for athletes to take safety precautions before hitting the court . Wearing a properly fitted mouthguard has been proven to reduce risks associated with potential injuries – including serious ones such as concussions – as well as enhance performance through improved reaction times . Ultimately , investing in proper protective gear should always be part of every athlete’s routine before taking part in any physical activity !