The Fascinating Reason Why Softballs Are Yellow – Revealed!

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The Mysterious Softball

Softballs have been around for generations and are a beloved pastime of many. But why do they all seem to be colored yellow? Could it be something more than just their iconic hue? Let’s take a look at the mysterious softball and its captivating color.

A Look at the History of Softballs

Softballs originated in 1887 when George Hancock created the game “indoor baseball” using 16-inch boxing gloves stuffed with cloth as his balls. He painted them red but soon discovered that white was much easier to see in indoor lighting conditions. In 1895, he changed the size of his ball to 12 inches and also experimented with different colors like blue, green, orange, and even black before deciding that yellow was best for visibility purposes. This is why modern-day softballs are still typically yellow in color today!

Why Yellow is Best for Visibility

Yellow stands out from other colors because it has a bright hue that catches your eye quickly – especially against dark backgrounds or surfaces like green grass or dirt fields where games are usually played outdoors. Additionally, studies show that our eyes can distinguish between different shades of yellow better than any other color, which means players on opposing teams can easily identify each others’ equipment during gameplay. Finally, considering how fast-moving these sports tend to be, having good visibility on the field is key, so having brightly colored balls helps everyone keep track of what’s going on during intense moments in competition!


So there you have it – Softballs being colored yellow isn’t just an aesthetic choice but rather one made out of necessity due to its optimal visibility factor! Now you know why they’re always such a vibrant shade no matter who makes them or where they come from – It’s all about maximizing performance potential with this classic sports staple.