The History Behind Handball: How It All Began With Who Invented Handball

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An Introduction to Handball and its Inventor

Handball is a popular sport played worldwide, particularly in Europe. It involves two teams competing against each other, with the aim of scoring goals by throwing a rubber ball. But who invented this game? We explore its origins and discover the man behind the invention – Johann Wolfgang Schmidt.

The History of Handball

The game has been around since antiquity, but it was only after World War I that handball became an organized sport in Germany. During this period, Johann Wolfgang Schmidt had noticed how people were playing something similar to soccer using their hands instead of their feet. Intrigued by the idea, he began experimenting with different rules and regulations for a formal version of handball.

In 1919 Schmidt submitted his proposal for handball to be recognized as an official sport at German schools – which was accepted! From there on out it grew in popularity throughout Germany until finally becoming an international phenomenon in 1926 when it was included as part of the Olympic Games in Berlin.

Johann Wolfgang Schmidt – The Man Behind Handball

Born on August 8th, 1869, near Leipzig, Johann Wolfgang Schmidt spent much of his life working as a teacher at several German schools where he taught physical education classes and coached various sports teams, including football (soccer) and basketball. He also developed many innovative concepts such as introducing goalposts into team sports like football or volleyball so players could compete more easily without relying solely on referees’ judgment calls. In addition to inventing handball, he wrote books about teaching physical education classes at school, which are still used today by teachers all over Europe!


Johann Wolfgang Schmidt will always be remembered for inventing one of the most popular team sports played worldwide: Handball! His contribution to physical education classes helped shape modern day PE lessons across continents; thanks to him, children everywhere can learn exercise not just through traditional methods but also through enjoyable activities like playing team sports games such as handballs that allow them to gain valuable knowledge while having fun too!