The Fascinating History Of Badminton: Who Invented The Game?

a badminton racket and a yellow frisbee flying in the air

The Fascinating History of Badminton

Badminton is an incredibly popular sport, enjoyed by players from all over the world. But who was the mastermind behind its invention? It turns out that badminton has a fascinating history and a surprisingly long lifespan — longer than any other racket sport in existence! Let’s take a look at how this beloved game came to be.

Early Beginnings

Although records of badminton’s origins are scarce, it is widely believed that the game originated in India during the mid-1800s. The rules were based off those of another Indian sport called Poona, which dates back even further to around 2000 BC. By 1873, British soldiers who had taken part in various military campaigns throughout India brought back their knowledge of Poona and began playing what would become known as “badminton” near their barracks on Gloucestershire estate grounds.

Badminton Becomes Popular

Soon after its introduction to England, badminton became very popular with the upper class and was adopted by many private clubs across Britain. This caused tournaments to begin popping up and led to the formation of The All England Badminton Club (now known as The Badminton Association) in 1893 – just 20 years after it first appeared on English soil! After more than a decade of development within Europe, badminton finally crossed oceans into North America in the late early 1900s, where it gained immense popularity through various collegiate programs and recreational leagues.


One thing is certain: we have come far since badminton’s humble beginnings centuries ago; now considered one of the most popular sports worldwide! From being invented by British soldiers stationed in India thanks to their knowledge of Poona, all way until today, when international tournaments draw millions of viewers around the globe – there is no denying that badminton has had quite a journey!