Who Drove The Tide Car In NASCAR? An Inside Look At The History Of This Iconic Racecar

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The Mystery of the NASCAR Tide Car

NASCAR has been around for decades, and over those years, many drivers have become well-known names in the racing world. But not all NASCAR stories are famous ones! In 1996, a special car was entered into the Daytona 500 – and it remains a mystery to this day who drove it.

This car was sponsored by Tide, so naturally people referred to it as “the Tide car” or “Tide ride.” It had no driver listed on its entry paperwork – which is highly unusual for an official race like the Daytona 500. Theories abound about who was actually behind the wheel that year… some say it was a failed attempt at entering a female driver in NASCAR; others think maybe they were trying out someone new and didn’t want to draw attention to them yet; still others believe there may have been a celebrity driving that day but wanted to remain anonymous.

But regardless of who drove it or why they chose anonymity, one thing is certain: this mysterious Tide car created quite a stir when it first rolled onto the track! Everyone wanted to know more about what seemed like an almost clandestine operation – speculation ran rampant among fans as well as reporters covering the event.

Who Was Behind The Wheel?

Despite all of our curiosity and speculation, we may never know who actually drove that secretive Tide car back in 1996 – whoever they were must have really valued their privacy! There is also no evidence pointing towards any particular person being responsible for entering such an odd vehicle into one of America’s most prestigious races either… leaving us with only theories and unanswered questions about this piece of Nascar history.


The mystery surrounding this suspiciously anonymous NASCAR racecar will probably go unsolved forever — but that doesn’t mean we can’t keep speculating every time something exciting happens on Nascar tracks! After all these years since that fateful race in 1996, fans are still wondering: Who drove the tide car?