Who Drives The #88 Car In NASCAR? Get To Know Dale Earnhardt Jr.

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The Mystery Of The 88 Car In NASCAR

Spectators of NASCAR eagerly await the checkered flag at each race, but there’s a certain car that draws an extra bit of attention. That car is the number 88 and it’s been driven by some of the most famous drivers in racing history. But who exactly drives this iconic vehicle, and why is it so special?

The History Of The Number 88 Car

It all began back in 1982 when legendary driver Dale Earnhardt Sr. drove his first race in a bright red number three Chevrolet Monte Carlo stock car. Earninghardt quickly earned fame as one of the top racers on the circuit, with millions of fans cheering him on every week. After twenty years with Richard Childress Racing, Earnhardt made a move to Hendrick Motorsports where he ran his final five seasons behind the wheel of a black number eight Chevy Impala SS before retiring from full-time competition after 2008’s Daytona 500 win.

After Earnhardt retired, fellow NASCAR Hall-of-Famer Jeff Gordon took over driving duties for Hendrick Motorsports in 2009 and continued running races until 2015 when he stepped away from full-time racing and handed off control to Dale Jr., son of Dale Senior, who adopted his father’s old number three paint scheme for his own ride with HMS. Following Junior’s retirement from cup series racing after 2017 season, Alex Bowman became the new driver for HMS team replacing Junior as well as taking over traditional sponsorship deals associated with #88 car such as Axalta Coating Systems & Nationwide Insurance just like what happened to previous cars’ sponsorships previously held by Denny Hamlin (11), Tony Stewart (14) & even Jeff Gordon (24).

Why Is The Number 88 So Special?

For many diehard fans out there today, they recognize that this particular number has become much more than just another digit on a speedway scoreboard; it’s now become part of motor sports lore thanks largely due to its association with one specific person—Dale Earnhardt Sr.—who passed away following an accident during 2001 Daytona 500 race while driving #3 GM Goodwrench Service Plus Chevrolet Monte Carlo owned by Richard Childress Racing organization which since then was retired forever from any form or type or professional motorsport competitions worldwide! This tragedy not only left an emotional scar upon loyal supporters everywhere but also represented something larger: how family members can continue their loved one’s legacy through perseverance & dedication towards achieving success regardless what happens outside their life circles or respective motivations.


No matter who climbs into the cockpit for any given race day at Speedway Raceway Park or Indianapolis Motor Speedway or anywhere else around world where NASCAR participates these days –– whether it be young gunner Alex Bowman behind controls now –– once you hear those engines roar into life everyone remembers fondly what this particular digits mean…it means “always remember your heroes no matter how far apart they may have gone; always look up to them because they set path we choose follow ourselves! That way together we can all ensure future generations will never forget past achievements accomplished here today!”