Where Are The Hole And Flagstick On A Golf Course? An Illustrated Guide

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Understanding the Basics of Golf Course Flagstick and Hole Locations

Golf is a sport that has been around for centuries, and while it may have changed in many ways over the years, one thing remains the same: where the hole and flagstick are located on a golf course. Knowing these locations is essential to playing golf correctly, so it’s important to understand how they’re positioned.

The flagstick is used to mark where the hole is located on each green. The flagstick should be placed no more than 6 inches from the edge of each green and should not exceed 35 inches in length. It should be set up such that its top half can be clearly seen from any direction when standing at least 15 feet away from it. Additionally, there must always be an unobstructed view between you and the flagstick whenever you take your shot.

The actual location of each hole will depend on which golf course you play at; most courses have nine or 18 holes with varying shapes and sizes for each one. Generally speaking, however, all holes are typically 4-5 inches in diameter with a lip that protrudes slightly above ground level (usually about 1 inch). On most courses, this lip will then slope downwards towards the center of each hole so that balls roll into it easily when hit correctly. If needed, sand traps or other obstacles may also surround some greens as part of their design elements to make them more challenging shots for players.

In addition to understanding where both flagsick and holes are located on a golf course before playing an actual game round, it’s also important to know what type of distance measurements are used during gameplay too – namely yards versus meters – since these numbers will affect club selection significantly when deciding what kind of shot to use during different parts of your game play as well!


No matter how experienced someone might be at playing golf – whether novice or professional – understanding where both flagsick and holes are located before teeing off can go a long way towards helping ensure success out on links! With knowledge about distance measurements being paramount alongside those two factors too – knowing exactly how far away something is makes selecting clubs much easier – adhering closely to proper rules regarding placement as well as utilizing good judgement with regards distances involved goes hand-in-hand with having fun out there every time!