The Ultimate Guide To Pickleball Serving: Mastering The Diagonal Serve

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Understanding the Diagonal Serve in Pickleball

The diagonal serve is a fundamental part of pickleball, and it’s important to understand what it is and how to do it correctly. This type of serve requires precision and accuracy if you want to place the ball accurately in your opponent’s court. In this blog post, we’ll go over why the diagonal serve is so important in pickleball, as well as some tips for serving diagonally.

What Is a Diagonal Serve?

A diagonal serve means that when you hit the ball on your side of the court, it lands on your opponent’s side at an angle instead of straight across from where you are standing. This serves two purposes: firstly, it makes sure that both players have plenty of room for movement; secondly, by angling the ball off-center from where they are standing, there will be less chance that they can reach out and hit it back easily without having to take several steps backwards or sideways. The angle also helps create spin on the shot which can make things difficult for your opponent too. As such, mastering this technique is essential if you want to become a top-level pickleball player!

How To Perform A Diagonal Serve For Pickleball

When performing a diagonal serve in pickleball there are some things to keep in mind: Firstly make sure that when hitting the ball your hips should remain square facing forward towards where you need to direct aim (the opposite end). Secondly ensure that when hitting with one hand (your dominant) move away from then come back towards centre aiming at an angle slightly off center compared with before moving away – this creates spin on top of providing more power & better control due to increased arm arc length upon impact. Lastly whilst following through try not extend further than shoulder height as doing so reduces power & increases risk misplacing shots into net/out bounds areas respectively . With all these points combined together players should now be able experience greater success & consistency with their serves during matches – allowing them enjoy game even more!


The diagonal serve has become an essential skill for any serious pickleball player looking for success out on court! By understanding what makes up a good quality service motion directionally wise & practicing regularly even beginners can start playing like pros within short time frame – making sport enjoyable fun filled activity whole family participate alike!