The History Of Rugby: How It All Began & Where It’s Going

Group of Men Playing Rugby

The Origins of the Rugged and Thrilling Sport

Rugby is one of the oldest sports in existence, having originated as early as 1845. It’s a game that has grown to become beloved by millions around the world, with thousands upon thousands more joining its ever-growing fan base every day. Though it may be difficult to imagine now, there was once a time when rugby didn’t exist – so how did it come to be?

The Birth of Rugby

It all began at Rugby School in Warwickshire, England. The school was founded by Lawrence Sheriff way back in 1567 and had been providing education for centuries before William Webb Ellis changed everything. In 1823 he enrolled there and soon became known for his rebellious nature – leading him to break away from both tradition and rules during football games played on the school grounds. He picked up the ball with his hands and ran with it toward his opponents’ goal line – something nobody had thought possible! His actions gave birth to what we now know as rugby union: a sport where players run (or pass) with an oval-shaped ball trying to score points against their opposition by touching down into their goal area or kicking between two upright posts behind them.

Getting Organised

In 1863, twenty clubs gathered together in London where they wrote out what would become known as ‘The Laws Of Football’. This document laid down specific instructions about how each match should be played, including information on field sizes, number of players per team, etc; effectively transforming this new sport from an exciting pastime into an organized competitive game capable of being enjoyed worldwide. One year later saw The Football Association formed, which set further laws governing football matches within England and abroad – paving the way for international tournaments such as those held today!

Continued Popularity

Over 150 years have passed since Webb Ellis first broke away from traditional football conventions, yet rugby remains one of our most popular sports around the globe today. Its origins continue to inspire people everywhere who love nothing more than donning their kit each weekend and taking part in some grueling but ultimately rewarding competition on the field or pitch alike! With fans popping up all over Europe, and Asia Pacific regions to are beginning to enjoy this thrilling pastime, bringing even greater success for this wonderful game that started life so long ago at Rugby School.


It’s incredible just how far rugby has come since Webb Ellis first decided to pick up that ball during a school match nearly 200 years ago! From humble beginnings at Warwickshire’s renowned educational institution through various rule changes until finally reaching its current global status – this remarkable sport deserves every bit of recognition that it continues to receive worldwide today!