The Ultimate Guide To World Softball Day: Get Ready For The Fun!

What is World Softball Day?

World Softball Day is an annual celebration of the sport that takes place on June 13th. It was created to recognize and honor the global impact, importance, and influence of softball around the world. The day marks a time for communities to come together and celebrate through activities such as friendly games, picnics, barbecues and more. As well as raising awareness of the game itself, it’s also used to promote physical activity and healthy lifestyle choices.

The History Of World Softball Day

World Softball Day has been celebrated since 2017 when it was first recognized by International Softball Federation (ISF). Since then it has grown in popularity with countries all over the world taking part in various events each year to mark this special occasion. In 2019 alone there were over 2 million participants from 60 countries who took part in activities ranging from tournaments to health campaigns!

How To Celebrate World Softball Day

There are so many ways you can join in on celebrating World Softball Day – whether you’re a fan or just looking for something fun to do! Here are some ideas: organize a game at your local park or field; host a picnic with friends; have a barbecue party; throw an ISF-approved tournament; fundraise for charity related to softball initiatives; create art inspired by softballs or players; share stories about why you love playing softballs online using hashtags #worldsoftballday or #playsoftballloveit . Whatever way you choose to commemorate this special day, just remember that its main objective is simply having fun while promoting physical activity!


World Softall Day is an important day which recognizes how influential this sport really is. Not only does it bring people together but also encourages them towards leading active lives by engaging in physical activity. So come June 13th make sure you get out there and join others around the globe as we celebrate our favorite pastime – softball!