The Ultimate Guide To Field Hockey Season: What You Need To Know

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Field hockey is an exciting and fast-paced sport that players of any age can enjoy. While some play for competition, others enjoy the camaraderie that comes with playing on a team. If you’re interested in joining a field hockey team, or want to get outside and enjoy the game, it’s important to know when field hockey season typically starts and ends.

When does Field Hockey Season Begin?

The exact start date of field hockey season varies depending on where you live, but most teams begin practicing in late August or early September. The regular season usually runs from mid-September through late October or early November, although some regions may have longer seasons due to milder climates. Postseason tournaments often take place after Thanksgiving weekend until December; however, these are more regionalized than the regular season games.

What Are Some Benefits of Playing Field Hockey?

Playing field hockey offers numerous benefits for those who participate, including physical fitness, social connection with peers and coaches alike, as well as skill building that can carry over into other aspects of life such as problem-solving and teamwork skills. Additionally, this sport helps develop coordination between hand-eye movements, which is beneficial for athletes hoping to excel at other sports as well!


No matter what your reason for wanting to join a field hockey team may be—whether it’s competing in tournaments or simply enjoying time outdoors—knowing when the season begins is essential so you don’t miss out on all the fun! With practices beginning around late August/early September each year (and lasting until December), there’s plenty of time during fall months to become comfortable with your teammates before putting your newfound skills into action during competitive games.