Starting a Bowling League: Everything You Need to Know About When and How

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What You Need to Know About Joining a Bowling League

Are you looking for an exciting new hobby that tests your skills and lets you socialize with friends? Look no further than joining a bowling league! Whether you’re a novice or a professional bowler, leagues are the perfect way to stay active and have fun. But before signing up, it’s important to know when do bowling leagues start and what types of leagues exist.

Types of Leagues

There are two main types of bowling leagues: traditional leagues which involve weekly competitions between members; and short-season teams who play in tournaments over weekends or holidays. Traditional teams often consist of four players playing three games per week at their designated lanes during regular hours. Short-season teams usually consist of six players competing in several tournaments lasting anywhere from one day to multiple weekends spread throughout the year. Many centers also offer “no commitment” team events which allow bowlers to compete without any long-term commitments or financial obligations.

When Do Bowling Leagues Start?

Most centers begin taking registration for their fall/winter season around August 1st and typically end by Thanksgiving Day weekend. The spring/summer season starts on February 1st with registrations ending approximately by Memorial Day weekend, depending on your location. It is important to note that most centers also offer youth programs, so if you have children interested in joining, check with your local center before registering them online!


Now that you know more about when do bowling leagues start, why not give one a try? Bowling is a great exercise and can be fun when shared with family or friends! With several different options available including traditional teams, short seasons teams, or no commitment tournaments – there’s something for everyone! So grab some shoes, pick up those pins, and get ready for some competitive fun this summer!