Bowling for Beginners: Understanding the Average Bowling Score & How to Improve It

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What is an Average Bowling Score?

Bowling is a popular sport people of all ages and skill levels enjoy. Whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned bowler, it can be helpful to understand what the average bowling score looks like. This guide will explain what the average bowling score range is, as well as how to increase your own scores.

Average Bowling Scores for Beginners

An average bowling score typically falls around 80-100 points per game for beginners. As long as you’re hitting pins consistently throughout the game, your scores will likely stay in this range. However, if you’re new to the sport and still learning how to throw properly and accurately, then don’t be too hard on yourself if your scores fall lower than this range initially – practice makes perfect!

Average Bowling Scores for Experienced Bowlers

If you’ve been bowling for some time and have developed some expertise in technique and strategy then expect your average scores to improve drastically over time. For experienced bowlers with good form and knowledge of lane conditions, an average score could reach anywhere from 140-200 points per game – depending on which type of scoring system (e.g., traditional 10-pins) is being used at the alley/center where they’re playing. Keep practicing regularly so that you can continually hone your skills until you hit those higher marks!


Overall, there’s no single answer when it comes to what constitutes an “average” bowling score; different skill levels lead to varying results across players each with their own unique strengths & weaknesses when it comes to knocking down pins on the lanes! That said however all bowlers should strive towards improving their overall performance by honing their techniques through regular practice sessions while also diversifying strategies based upon changing lane conditions when necessary – eventually leading them closer towards achieving higher averages during games played against others!