What’s A Volley In Soccer? Learn The Basics & Perfect Your Technique

Anonymous soccer player on field during match


What is a Volley in Soccer?

Volleys are a common skill used by many soccer players who have mastered the art of shooting with power and accuracy. But what exactly is a volley in soccer? A volley is when a player hits the ball out of the air without allowing it to bounce on the ground first. This technique requires precise timing, strength, and balance, as well as great coordination between both feet and hands. In professional soccer, volleys are seen as one of the most difficult yet rewarding skills for any player to master.

How Do You Perform A Volley In Soccer?

When performing a volley in soccer, there are several key steps that must be taken: First, find yourself an elevated position so that you can strike downwards onto your target area with more power; then get ready to make contact with your laces or instep (depending on which foot you’re using) at approximately waist height; then bring your arms up over your head following through all the way towards goal post; finally aim for precision rather than power to ensure accuracy! It takes practice but once perfected this unique skill can create some stunning goals from even greater heights!


A volley in soccer may seem like an intimidating move at first glance but it’s an essential part of any advanced player’s toolkit! With practice and dedication anyone can learn how to perfect this tricky move – so don’t be afraid to give it a go next time you hit the field!