What To Wear To Volleyball Tryouts: A Guide For Players Of All Levels

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Getting Ready for Volleyball Tryouts

Volleyball tryouts can be nerve-wracking, but planning ahead and being prepared is key to success. One of the most important factors in being ready for a volleyball tryout is what you wear. It’s essential to dress appropriately so that you feel comfortable, confident and ready to show off your skills on the court. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some tips for selecting the perfect outfit for volleyball tryouts.

Choose Comfortable Clothing

When it comes to picking out clothing for a volleyball tryout, comfort should always come first. Choose garments that are lightweight and allow plenty of air circulation while still providing enough coverage so you don’t feel exposed or restricted during drills and exercises on the court. Athletic shorts, t-shirts or tank tops with sweat-wicking material will help keep you dry as well as cool throughout your workout session; also look into investing in moisture wicking socks as they can make all the difference when running around on a hot day!

Consider Protective Gear

Protective gear is an important part of any athlete’s wardrobe – especially when playing sports like volleyball which involve lots of jumping and diving around! Look into getting knee pads or elbow pads if these areas tend to get banged up quickly during practice; wearing protective gear not only keeps injuries at bay but it also boosts confidence by giving players extra stability while performing movements on court. Additionally, wearing appropriate shoes designed specifically for outdoor courts (such as basketball sneakers) will provide traction necessary during quick changes of direction and cuts across hardwood surfaces without slipping over time – something no player wants happening mid match!

Dress Appropriately For Your Level

Be sure to select clothing items that are appropriate for your current level: if trying out at a competitive club team then more professional attire may be required such as compression shorts instead of regular athletic shorts; similarly if attending college level tryouts then more formal coaching polos could be expected rather than just casual t-shirts/tank tops etc.. Keeping these expectations in mind before heading into any type of audition process helps maintain uniformity among participants while allowing coaches/judges evaluate everyone’s abilities objectively without distraction from anyone’s style choices!


Choosing what to wear to volleyball tryouts doesn’t have top priority compared with things like practicing drills or studying up about the sport itself — however taking time beforehand selecting suitable items from your wardrobe can pay dividends when it comes time show off all those hours spent honing skills both mentally physically inside outside gymnasium walls! Comfort confidence come through making conscious decisions about what best suits each individual situation whether practice hallways boardroom tables alike – do due diligence ensure standout presence amongst competition whilst remaining true yourself every step way!