What To Wear To Sand Volleyball: Beach-Ready Outfits That’ll Score You Style Points!

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Be Ready to Play with the Right Outfit for Sand Volleyball

The beach is a great place to get some sun and exercise. One of the most popular sports that people play in the sand is volleyball. Whether you’re playing an informal game with friends or competing in a tournament, it’s important to wear the right clothing so that you can perform at your best level.

Choose Comfortable and Breathable Clothing

When selecting clothes for sand volleyball, breathability should be your top priority. Not only does this help to keep you cool in hot weather, but it also allows any sweat produced during physical activity to evaporate quickly instead of sticking around and making you feel uncomfortable. You may want to consider wearing some type of athletic shorts made from lightweight fabric such as cotton or spandex, along with a tank top or T-shirt made from moisture-wicking material such as polyester or nylon. If it’s cold out, layers are key – try adding a long sleeve shirt over your tank top and put on warm joggers instead of shorts if necessary!

Protect Yourself From Sunburn With A Hat And Sunscreen

It’s easy to forget about protecting yourself from UV rays when playing outdoors because all your attention is focused on the game itself – but sunburns can really ruin an otherwise enjoyable afternoon! Make sure that you apply sunscreen prior to heading outside and don’t forget about accessorizing either: hats offer extra protection against harmful ultraviolet radiation while simultaneously keeping sweat off your face so that your vision isn’t impaired by dripping droplets. Don’t forget sunglasses too – they will protect both eyes from UV exposure while helping reduce glare on sunny days!

Wear Sandals Or Water Shoes To Protect Your Feet

Sand has its advantages when playing volleyball – it adds traction which makes players more agile and helps cushion falls – but having bare feet exposed directly onto hot granules can be very uncomfortable (not mention dangerous!). Investing in some water shoes will not only provide insulation between feet and ground, but also make them less likely slip due slidey patches of wetness caused by splashing waves nearby beaches/lakesides where games often take place . Alternatively , strappy sandals act as a protective barrier against sharp shells/pebbles encountered near shorelines .


Having the right outfit for sand volleyball is essential if you want perform well while staying comfortable throughout match time . Choose breathable fabrics like cotton/spandex combos , layer up if needed depending on climate conditions , pack sunscreen+hat/sunglasses combo plus secure fitting footwear like water shoes /strappy sandals ! Remember : looking good doesn ’ t always mean feeling good – prioritize practicality above style !