Style It Up: What to Wear for a Night of Bowling

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The Funky World of Bowling Outfits

Are you ready for a night of bowling? If you’re looking to make sure your outfit is on point, the style options are endless. You can go full-on retro with bowling shirts and vintage shoes or opt for something more modern and sleek. Whether you’re going out with friends or having a family night, here are some ideas on what to wear when going bowling.

Comfortable Casuals

When it comes to what to wear bowling, comfort should always come first! Consider an athleisure look such as joggers and a hoodie paired with chunky trainers. For ladies, why not try some leggings with an oversized t-shirt and heeled boots? The key is keeping things relaxed but still stylish – so no need to worry about getting too dressed up!

Vibrant Colours

Bowling alleys tend to be quite dimly lit environments so this means that vibrant colours will help you stand out from the crowd! For men, consider a brightly coloured polo shirt or check shirt teamed up with jeans and canvas shoes. Women might want to go for bright trousers in bold prints paired with a simple tee – perfect for making an impact on the lanes.

Accessorise Away

Don’t forget accessories when figuring out what to wear bowling! A baseball cap adds instant ‘cool’ points whilst statement earrings add sparkle (and help keep hair away from your face!). Men can also accessorize their outfits by wearing one of our signature bowler hats – perfect for giving off those old school vibes!


No matter how basic or elaborate your chosen outfit is – have fun picking out something that speaks volumes about who you are and enjoy being part of this classic pastime that never goes out of fashion! With these tips in mind, there’s no doubt that all eyes will be on your fabulousness at the lanes tonight – good luck striking it big time down there