What Percentage Of Soccer Games End In A Draw? Here’s The Surprising Answer!

Soccer Ball on Grass Field during Daytime


Exploring the Chances of a Soccer Draw

Soccer is an exciting sport, with passionate fans from all around the world. But have you ever wondered what percentage of soccer games end in a draw? It’s an interesting question that highlights just how unpredictable and thrilling soccer can be. In this blog post, we’ll explore the chances of a game ending in a draw and look at data to see if there are any patterns or trends that emerge.

What Does The Data Say?

When it comes to analyzing data on soccer draws, one source stands out: FIFA World Cup tournaments since 1930. According to statistics compiled by FIFA, between 1930 and 2018 there have been 466 total matches played with 110 resulting in draws – amounting to 23% overall. This suggests that nearly one-quarter of all World Cup games end in a tie scoreline – something which often leads to extra time or penalty shootouts being required for deciding who moves forward in the tournament!

However, these numbers can vary depending on which stage of the tournament has been reached; for example during group stages (where teams are split into groups) almost 30% ended up tied while only 13% did so during knockout rounds where two teams battle it out until one team emerges victorious! Interestingly though when looking at specific countries like Brazil or Italy their respective percentages were much higher than average – meaning they had more draws than other nations playing at same stage match them (e.g., Brazil had 33%, Italy 31%).


In conclusion, although most people think that soccer matches rarely end with both sides scoring even amounts goals – recent data suggest that nearly a quarter of all FIFA World Cup games since 1930 have done exactly this! Furthermore, certain countries seem more prone towards these types of results when compared against others playing at same stage match them – especially those from South America such as Brazil & Argentina who had very high percentages over past decades worth competitions! Ultimately though no matter what side you support or follow it looks like there’s always chance your team could come away with either victory…or perhaps even just share points with their opponents