What Is Tooling The Block In Volleyball? A Comprehensive Guide

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What is Tooling the Block in Volleyball?

Volleyball is one of the most popular sports in the world, with millions taking part each year. As such, it has developed a wide range of techniques and strategies that help teams to succeed. One of these is ‘tooling the block’ which can give players an edge when competing against opponents. But what exactly does this term mean? Let’s take a closer look at tooling the block and how it works.

What Does Tooling The Block Mean?

Tooling the block refers to a technique used by offensive players when trying to score points during a game of volleyball. It involves using an angled attack shot – typically close to or on top of their opponent’s blockers – so as to make contact with only one side of their blocker. This means that even if they are blocked, they have still made contact with only one side and so have avoided being completely blocked out from scoring a point for their team.

How To Use It Correctly

Using tooling correctly can be tricky but rewarding for any player who masters it properly. When attempting this type of shot, it’s important for players to use good form and aim accurately at their target area – usually just above or slightly below their blocker’s head height – while also maintaining control over where they place the ball once its been struck (for example ensuring that it lands within court boundaries). Players should also remember not to hit too hard as this could lead them into making mistakes due to lack of control over placement accuracy or power behind shots themselves.. Additionally, having good footwork will ensure that attackers remain agile throughout play so as not be caught off guard by sudden changes in direction from defenders or blockers alike!


Tooling is an important skill for any serious volleyball player looking gain an advantage on offense during games – however mastering its nuances takes time and practice! By following tips outlined here such as aiming correctly at targets and focusing on accurate placement rather than hitting hard all times; then attackers can start adding more successful tooled shots into their repertoire quickly! With enough dedication anyone can become proficient at using this technique effectively – no matter your level experience playing volleyball!