What Is Throwing In Track And Field? Techniques & Drills To Improve Your Performance

Hurdle painted in white black and red colors placed on empty rubber running track in soft focus

Throwing in Track and Field: An Introduction

Track and field is a sport that encompasses a variety of different events such as sprinting, jumping, and throwing. Throwing is an essential part of track and field competitions, with athletes competing in various disciplines such as shot put, javelin throw, discus throw, hammer throw, etc. Each discipline has its own set of rules and regulations which must be followed to ensure successful competition. In this article we will discuss what exactly constitutes throwing in track and field events.

The Different Disciplines

When it comes to throwing events within the realm of track and field there are many different disciplines that can take place. The most popular ones include the shot put where participants use their strength to hurl a heavy metal ball or “shot” from behind an arc-shaped line into a designated area; javelin throw where competitors need to aim for distance while hurling a spear-like object; discus throw where participants spin around before releasing a round plate; hammer throw where athletes swing then release with one arm holding onto a steel weight attached to chain; lastly there is also the weight throw which follows similar rules but involves only one hand gripping onto the implement rather than two arms swinging it back over one’s head like other throws do.

Technique Matters

Regardless of what type of event you are participating in regarding successful throwing, technique matters more than anything else! It’s important that you have proper form while executing your movements so as not to lose any power or momentum throughout the process – this means having correct posture during the stance phase all way up until the delivery point (release) takes place otherwise, results will suffer accordingly due to poor performance overall. Additionally, making sure your body remains relaxed yet tight enough to handle the force exerted on the implement itself also helps improve accuracy substantially which ultimately leads to better result times/distances achieved overall too!


In conclusion, throwing events make up some of the most exciting parts within track & field sports today – they provide an opportunity for individuals to showcase their physical strength skills whilst competing against others who doing the same thing simultaneously! Whether it’s shotputting or javelining, both require considerable focus and precision if the goal of achieving the highest possible score be accomplished at the end day, so remember to practice regularly in order to hone your craft even further as time goes by too!