The Ultimate Guide to Pickleball Doubles: What Is The Starting Score & How To Win?

Understanding the Starting Score of a Doubles Pickleball Game

Pickleball is becoming increasingly popular due to its accessibility and competitive nature. As such, it’s important to understand the scoring system for doubles pickleball games in order to play the game and participate in tournaments properly. So what exactly is the starting score of a doubles pickleball game?

The Starting Score of a Doubles Pickleball Game

The starting score for any pickleball game is zero-zero (0-0). This means that both teams begin with no points, regardless of who serves first. During each point, both teams will attempt to earn points by returning their opponent’s shots until one team reaches 11 points – unless otherwise agreed upon before the start of the match – at which time they will win that game. The first team or player to win two games out of three sets wins the entire match.

Final Thoughts on Understanding Pickleball Scoring

It’s essential for all players wanting to get into competitive pickleball matches that they understand how scoring works so they can accurately track progress throughout their games and make strategic decisions accordingly. Knowing that all doubles matches start at 0-0 gives players an equal footing when beginning each set and allows them more room for experimentation as they figure out how best to compete against their opponents over time.