Illegal Bowling Ball Penalty: What You Need to Know Before Making a Strike

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Illegal Bowling Ball Penalties: A Look at the Consequences

It’s not uncommon for avid bowlers to become attached to their bowling ball, making sure to choose the perfect fit and size. But what happens if you show up with an illegal one? What are the consequences of using a forbidden ball during a bowling game?

What is an Illegal Bowling Ball?

An illegal bowling ball is any device or equipment modified in some way so it does not conform to USBC requirements. This includes balls that have been drilled too deeply, ones made of materials other than urethane or resin, and those with extra holes added into them after they were manufactured. Many states also prohibit any type of weight adjustment on the outside of a ball. USBC must approve all modifications before use in sanctioned competition play.

Penalties for Using an Illegal Bowling Ball

Using an illegal bowling ball can result in serious penalties from both local leagues and governing bodies like USBC. Depending on the severity of modification done to the ball, players can face fines ranging from $10-$100 as well as possible suspension from league play or tournament participation for up to one year. In more extreme cases where cheating is suspected, players may even be banned permanently from all future competitions under USBC Rules & Regulations.


Bowlers should always make sure they check their equipment carefully against USBC guidelines before competing in any sanctioned tournament matches or league games – otherwise they could find themselves facing stiff penalties if caught using an illegal bowling ball! It pays off in the long run when you know your gear is compliant and won’t put you at risk while playing this beloved sport!