What Is The Non-Volley Zone Called In Pickleball? Learn It Here!

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Understanding the Non-Volley Zone in Pickleball

Pickleball is an increasingly popular sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton and ping pong. It’s a fun game for people of all ages, but requires some understanding of the rules to get the most out of it. One key rule to be aware of is that within what’s called the non-volley zone (sometimes referred to as “the kitchen”), players cannot hit volleys or overheads. So what exactly is this area and how does it affect gameplay?

Defining the Non-Volley Zone

The non-volley zone in pickleball refers to a 7 foot long by 20 inch wide area on each side of the net which extends from both sides up until two feet behind where they join at its center point. This means that any volleys or overheads must be taken outside this area, otherwise they will be considered illegal shots and result in loss of points for the offending player. The purpose behind this rule is largely safety related – since there are often multiple players on either side of the court, prohibiting volleys close to the net prevents collisions between them as well as reducing potential injuries caused by accidental contact with a racket during play.

Using The Non-Volley Zone Strategically

In addition to being essential for safety reasons, knowing when and where you can volley can also help you gain an upper hand strategically against your opponent(s). For instance, serving into their non volley zone might force them into taking an awkward shot from further away than normal – putting them at a disadvantage if they’re unable to return it correctly due to limited practice with such shots elsewhere on court. Furthermore, making sure you don’t get too close yourself when going for returns could help prevent your opponent from catching onto your strategy early on as well! Just remember: keeping distance between yourself and those around you allows everyone involved more space – both literally and figuratively speaking!


At first glance, understanding pickleball’s non volley zone may seem complicated; however once properly familiarized with its parameters it’ll become much easier! Not only does adhering closely to these rules ensure everyone stays safe while playing; but using them strategically offers great opportunities for gaining advantages over opponents too!