What Is The Difference Between Pickleball And Paddle Tennis? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

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What is the Difference between Pickleball and Paddle Tennis?

Pickleball and paddle tennis are similar sports that have gained popularity recently. Both of these games use racquets, a ball, and a net, but there are some important differences between the two that can help you decide which one is right for you.

Rules & Equipment

The most obvious difference between pickleball and paddle tennis is their equipment. Pickleball uses a lightweight plastic or wooden paddle with an oversized head to hit the ball over the net. The court size for pickleball ranges from 20×44 feet (singles) or 20×64 feet (doubles). Paddle tennis requires larger paddles with smaller heads than those used in pickleball, as well as different balls- they typically use red rubber balls approved by USAPA (the governing body of pickleballs). The court size for paddle tennis varies depending on both singles or doubles play – it can range anywhere from 24×60 up to 32×80 feet!

Game Play

The rules of each game also differ slightly. In both sports players must keep their shots within reach of their opponents’ paddles – meaning no volleys or slams allowed! However, when playing traditional outdoor paddle tennis players may only hit a maximum of three consecutive times before hitting the ball back across to their opponent’s side; whereas indoor players may hit back-to-back shots without limitation until someone misses. On the other hand, pickled allows players unlimited groundstrokes before sending it back over the net again – this means more rallies will occur compared to traditional outdoor paddle tennis matches!

Finally, each sport has its own unique scoring system: while regular sets in both games consist of 11 points scored by either player consecutively; in order win a set of indoor/outdoor ping pong must be won by two clear points while winning at least four out five sets total – whereas advantage scoring is applied when playing pickup where one player must win at least seven out ten points to take home victory!


Both Pickleball and Paddle Tennis provide fun ways for individuals who enjoy playing racquet sports indoors or outdoors with friends family members alike – however certain equipment restrictions such as types/sizes of rackets used plus rule variations like number & style shots allowed along with point systems employed all make them distinct experiences worth exploring further yourself if considering taking part either way!.