What Is Snowman in Golf? Get Ready To Learn A New Trick!

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Golf is a sport that’s been around for centuries. While it has seen its fair share of changes over time, one thing remains the same—the term “snowman” in golf still holds significant meaning for many players. But what exactly does snowman mean in golf? Let’s take a closer look at this unique phrase and explore what it means to the game.

What Is Snowman in Golf?

In golf, the term snowman refers to achieving an eight-over par score on any single hole. This means that you’ve taken more than double bogeys (two strokes above par) on each shot and ended up with an eight-over total score before moving onto your next hole. It can also be referred to as making a “snowball” or “ice cube.” Achieving such a high score is considered quite poor form by most serious players, though some may use the phrase jokingly when their playing partner scores poorly or takes too long between shots.

Why Is It Called Snowman?

The origins of this phrase are unclear but one popular theory suggests it originated from how closely 8 looks like two circles stacked atop each other resembling something like a traditional snowman figure when viewed from afar! Another explanation could be because getting an 8-over usually forces you into spending extra time on that particular hole due to having so many mistakes–which often feels like being out there all day in cold weather conditions similar to building a snowman!


Snowmen have become part of the language used by recreational and professional golfers alike, highlighting just how difficult scoring 8 over par can be! So whether you’re out looking for birdies or simply trying not make too many bogeys – remember: if someone mentions they scored an 8 then don’t panic – they probably only made themselves a ‘snowman’ during their round!