What is RTD in Boxing? An In-Depth Guide To Rules & Regulations

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What is RTD in Boxing?

Boxing has been a sport enjoyed around the world for centuries and continues to be popular today. As with any contact sport, safety is of utmost importance. That’s where the term ‘RTD’ comes into play – it stands for “Referee Technical Decision”. In boxing, this refers to situations where a bout must be stopped before going to its full conclusion due to an injury or issue with one of the boxers.

When Does RTD Come Into Play?

RTD will come into play when a fight can no longer continue safely because one of the participants has been injured or if there’s some other kind of incident that prevents it from being completed as normal. In these cases, the referee will have to make a judgment on who should win based on what happened until then. This decision cannot be appealed and is final – hence why it’s called a “Technical Decision” – there are no appeals against this ruling like you might find in other sports such as football or rugby.

How Is It Determined Who Wins?

Once an RTD situation occurs during a boxing match, all three judges at ringside will typically review all available evidence (including any video footage) in order to decide which boxer should be declared winner and loser, respectively. Generally speaking, they will look at which fighter was ahead on points up until that point; how much damage each boxer inflicted onto their opponent; if either fighter had already taken more than their fair share of punishment; as well as any fouls committed by either competitor throughout the course of the round(s). All these factors must then be weighed up by each judge separately before deciding who should get awarded victory through the technical decision ruleset set forth by International Boxing Federation (IBF).


In summary, RTD stands for Referee Technical Decision and comes into play when an unforeseen event happens during a boxing match that prevents it from finishing normally/safely. The referees then have to use specific criteria combined with video footage/points scored etc., in order to determine which fighter is deemed victorious under IBF regulations using technical decision ruleset guidelines – making sure both fighters walk away relatively unscathed!