What Is Riding The Wall in NASCAR? Exploring a High-Speed Racing Technique

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Exploring the Concept of ‘Riding The Wall’ in NASCAR

Driving a car at speeds exceeding 200 miles per hour on a tight racetrack is no easy task, and requires an immense amount of skill. Understandably, drivers would seek every advantage they can find to gain even the smallest edge over their competition. This is where “riding the wall” comes into play – an advanced driving technique used primarily by NASCAR drivers to maximize cornering speed through turns.

What Does It Mean To Ride The Wall?

Riding the wall refers to a technique professional racecar drivers use when navigating sharp turns or curves on a racetrack. By running close enough to the outside wall, it allows for less friction between their tires and the track surface; this reduces drag, allowing them to accelerate more quickly as they exit out of each turn. Additionally, it also helps create additional downforce which keeps their cars firmly planted against the pavement while turning around corners at high speeds. It’s important for drivers not to go too close though – if done incorrectly, it could result in serious damage being done not only to themselves but other racers as well!

How Is Riding The Wall Used In NASCAR Races?

In order for riders to get maximum benefit from riding along walls during races, they must have knowledge about how much space should be left between them and other cars ahead of them while doing so. Additionally, being able to sense when there isn’t any room left because another driver might be blocking your line is key here—it requires quick adjustments both mentally and physically in order for everything work smoothly without causing accidents or slowing down your time on track significantly. This all adds up making ‘riding alongside walls’ one of many skills required by successful competitors vying for victory across various motorsport disciplines including Formula 1 racing and Nascar events alike!


Racing along walls has become an essential skill that can help give racecar drivers just enough extra edge needed over their opponents when competing on tightly packed circuits such as those seen during Nascar events throughout America’s heartland regions each summertime season! With its ability providing better acceleration rates coming out from corners as well as increased stability whilst turning at high speed – mastering this particular skill will ensure you remain competitive with some of best professionals behind wheels today!