What is Pickup Soccer? A Quick Guide To Get You Started!

person playing soccer

What is Pickup Soccer?

Pickup soccer, also known as kickabouts or pick-ups, is a form of informal football in which players gather together to play the game. Unlike traditional organized team sports such as professional and amateur leagues, pickup soccer does not require registration fees or teams that are formally organized. It often occurs spontaneously on fields, playgrounds, streets or beaches. Players typically choose up sides for each match and agree upon rules before beginning play.

This type of unstructured play has grown in popularity over the years with people from all walks of life due to its simplicity and convenience; it requires minimal equipment (such as a ball) and can be enjoyed at any time by anyone who loves the sport of soccer. The lack of formal organization also makes it more accessible to those who are unable to commit to regular practices or games held by an official league.

Benefits Of Playing Pickup Soccer

Playing pickup soccer offers many benefits that make it an attractive choice for both experienced and novice players alike. For starters, because there is no need for structured teams, this allows individuals with varying levels of experience to come together with different skill sets which helps improve their game overall. Additionally, pickup matches provide a great opportunity for social interaction among peers since there is no need for coaches or referees – just enthusiastic participants!

Finally playing pickup can help you stay fit without having to worry about schedules or commitments associated with joining an official team: all you need is yourself and some friends! Plus since these games usually last longer than traditional organized matches (due to lack of structure), they offer plenty of cardio exercise that will keep your heart rate elevated while helping build strength throughout your body making them ideal physical activity options when looking for ways to stay healthy during lockdown periods when gyms may be closed due limited capacity restrictions imposed by governments around the world..


In conclusion ,pickup soccer provides an easy way for anyone—from beginners looking to learn basic skills like dribbling & passing ,to experienced players wanting extra practice—to get involved in one of the most popular sports around . Not only does it give you a chance engage socially with others but also provides several health benefits thanks its extended duration compared other types sporting activities . So next time ’re feeling down ,grab some friends head out onto pitch –you’re sure have blast !