What Is Field Hockey Ball Made Of?

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What Is a Field Hockey Ball Made of?

Field hockey is an exciting and enjoyable sport to play, but it requires specific equipment. One of the most important pieces of equipment needed is the field hockey ball. But what exactly is this ball made out of? In this blog post, we will explore the materials used in making field hockey balls so you can make sure you are well-prepared with the right items before playing your next game!

Synthetic Leathers

The majority of field hockey balls are constructed using synthetic leathers. These provide a durable material that holds up for multiple uses and resists damage from water or other elements. Synthetic leather also offers more control than natural leather when striking or passing a ball during gameplay. Additionally, many synthetic leathers come in vibrant colors to help players stand out on their team and make them easier to spot on the pitch.


Cork is another material commonly found in field hockey balls, providing cushioning for better handling and improved rebound characteristics when struck by a stick or foot. Cork also helps reduce vibration when shooting at the goal, which can help improve accuracy for players looking to score points during competition matches. Additionally, cork ensures that even after several hard hits throughout gameplay, your field hockey ball maintains its shape and integrity without becoming misshapen or cracked under pressure!


Having knowledge about what materials go into constructing a quality field hockey ball can be invaluable information for any player who wants to get serious about their sport — whether they’re new or experienced alike! By understanding that most modern day balls use synthetic leathers coupled with cork inside, they will have confidence knowing they have everything they need to take part in an intense match from start to finish!