Unlocking the Secrets of Feather Bowling: A Guide to This Traditional Dutch Sport

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A Primer on Feather Bowling

Everyone loves a good game of bowling, but have you ever heard of feather bowling? It’s an old-fashioned game that dates back to the 16th century in Belgium and the Netherlands. To play this unique sport, you require a wooden lane, feathered balls, and pins made out of wood or metal. Here’s all you need to know about this fun activity!

History & Origins

Feather bowling originated in Belgium and the Netherlands during the 1500s. The original “bowling alleys” were typically outdoors with dirt floors, surrounded by fences or walls. Over time, it became increasingly popular throughout Europe and in colonial America. Nowadays, it is mostly found in Quebec City and Michigan since it has been passed down from generation to generation within those communities.

How to Play

The goal of feather bowling is for players to roll their feathered balls toward a designated target at the end of each lane (typically referred to as a “chicane”). Points are earned based on how close each ball comes to hitting its target; if your ball lands closest, you win! Each round consists of two throws per player while they stand at one end of the alley – usually towards where the chicane is located – before tossing their feathered ball down towards their target at full strength. While playing traditionally involves up to 8 players split into two teams; modern versions can be played with any number of participants who wish for an enjoyable challenge filled with laughter and friendly competition!


Feather bowling certainly isn’t like other types of sports around today – but that makes it all more exciting! If you’re looking for something new that combines classic nostalgia with fresh entertainment – then consider giving feather bowling a try next time you have some friends over for an afternoon gathering. This unique pastime could quickly become everyone’s favorite way pastime together in no time!