What Is Face Guarding In Basketball? Here’s What You Need To Know

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What is Face Guarding in Basketball?

Basketball is a thrilling sport full of non-stop action and excitement. Players have to be agile, quick and strategic if they want to get the upper hand on their opponents and make those crucial shots. However, there’s another element to the game that you might not have heard of – face guarding. In this article we’re going to take a closer look at what face guarding is and how it affects play in basketball.

What Does Face Guarding Mean?

Face guarding is an illegal defensive technique used by defenders when playing one-on-one against an offensive player with the ball. It’s considered illegal because it involves a defender using his or her body (usually hands) as an obstacle for the offensive player so that he or she can’t move freely without being touched, blocked or hindered from taking their shot. This means that even if the offensive player has dribbled past them, they will still be prevented from shooting by their opponent who will use arms or legs as a barrier between themselves and the ball handler. This tactic prevents any successful scoring attempts which violates Rule 10 Section VII of FIBA (Federation Internationale de Basketball).

Why Is Face Guarding Seen As Unfair?

Face guarding gives defenders an unfair advantage over their opponents when defending one-on-one situations; it stops them from making any kind of meaningful progress towards getting close enough to shoot successfully due to being impeded by contact initiated by their opponents. Not only does this give them less chance of scoring but it also puts other players on court at risk, since defenders are more likely than ever before to leave themselves open while attempting these kinds of blocks against unsuspecting players who may not expect such physical contact during regular playtime activity.


To sum up, face guarding can be seen as both unsportsmanlike behavior where defenders prevent offensive players from making shots through physical contact initiated by themselves as well as dangerous due its potential harm inflicted upon other players involved in games involving such tactics. Knowing what face guarding is should help you become aware when playing yourself – so stay alert!