What Is Discus In Track And Field? An Expert’s Guide To Throwing The Perfect Discus

people running on race track

What is Discus in Track and Field?

Discus throwing is one of the most iconic events in track and field, alongside javelin and shot-put. It’s been a long-standing Olympic sport since Ancient Greece, with its origins stretching back to 708 BC. This event tests competitors’ strength, technique, and balance as they spin around their own axis while releasing a heavy discus towards the target area. Throughout history it has evolved into an incredibly precise skill that requires dedication and practice for success.

In modern day track meets, discus throwers are expected to be able to reach distances of up to 70 meters or more – far beyond what was possible during Ancient Greek times! Competitors must also adhere closely to certain regulations regarding the size of the disc itself: it must weigh between 2kg (4.4lbs) for men’s competitions or 1kg (2.2lbs) for women’s events – any heavier would mean disqualification from the competition entirely!

How Is Discus Throwing Judged?

The judging process for this event is relatively straightforward: judges measure how far each competitor has thrown their disc using two measurement sticks placed at equal distance on either side of where they threw from; if both measurements match then that distance will be recorded as final result! In addition to this system there are also other factors taken into account such as form points given based on how well each competitor executes their throw – these points can make all the difference when it comes down to who wins medal placements at major competitions like World Championships or Olympic Games!

The best way for an aspiring athlete interested in competing in track & field disciplines like discus throwing is by seeking out coaching from experienced professionals who have themselves competed at high levels before; no matter which age group you belong too – whether collegiate level or masters athletics – having someone guide you through proper technique can ensure you maximize every potential performance opportunity ahead of you.


Discus throwing may appear simple but it requires immense amounts of physical strength, balance and technical mastery in order to achieve success within this discipline–all elements which come together under careful guidance from expert coaches so athletes can reach peak performance levels regardless of age or experience level within competitive athletics circles worldwide!