What Is Clean Bowled In Cricket? A Beginner’s Guide To This Bowling Dismissal

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What is Clean Bowled in Cricket?

Cricket is a beloved game of strategy, skill and athleticism. It has become one of the most popular sports around the world, with millions involved in playing or watching it. One of the most thrilling elements for fans to watch is when a batsman gets clean bowled – an event that can quickly turn any match on its head and bring immense excitement to spectators. But what exactly does it mean when someone is ‘clean bowled’ in cricket?

The Definition

When a batsman gets ‘clean bowled’, they have been dismissed by being struck directly on the wicket by the ball delivered by the bowler. It means that no part of their body or bat was used to make contact with either side of the wicket before being hit – thus making them out as if they were bowling themselves! If some part other than their body hits either side of the wicket before then hitting them, this doesn’t count as clean-bowling and they will not be given out.

The Mechanics

Clean bowling requires an accurate delivery from both sides: The bowler must throw accurately enough so that it strikes directly onto one side (or both) without any interference from another object; while at least one bail must still remain on top so that when it breaks off due to impact, it counts as a dismissal – otherwise known as Bowled Out! This also applies regardless of whether there’s another fielder behind him ready to catch his shot – although sometimes this does happen too when trying for Runouts instead!


In conclusion, clean bowling happens when a batsman gets dismissed due to being hit directly on one side (or both) of their wickets by a ball delivered accurately from their opponent’s hand. Without any outside interference such as another player or object getting between them and striking firstly against either side before impacting with their body itself – then only do they get declared ‘out’ according to cricket rules!