What is Bumper Bowling? A Guide to Keeping the Ball Safe and the Fun Going!

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Introducing Bumper Bowling

Bumper bowling is a fun twist on the classic game of bowling. It’s a great way to get family and friends together for an exciting, competitive activity. Unlike traditional bowling, bumper bowling features rails or bumpers along the sides of each lane that prevent errant balls from going into the gutters. This makes it easier for all levels of bowlers to have a great time and enjoy a more even playing field.

How to Play Bumper Bowling

To play bumper bowling, you’ll need at least two people (or teams) and 10 pins set up at the end of each lane (just like in regular bowling). Then, take turns rolling your ball down the alley towards the pins – whoever knocks down all 10 pins first is declared the winner! The player with the most points after several rounds wins overall.

If someone throws their ball into one of those bumpers lining either side of each lane, they won’t automatically get zero points as they would in regular bowling; instead, their score will be determined by how many pins were knocked down during that roll (even if only one pin has been struck). This helps level out everyone’s chances so no one gets completely shut out when someone accidentally rolls too close to those railings!

Why You Should Try Bumper Bowling

No matter your age or skill level – whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been playing for years – bumper bowling can make things more enjoyable and less intimidating than traditional ten-pin setup. Plus there are plenty of other ways to add variations on this game such as having different point values assigned to various colored pins or using ramps instead of lanes which can really change up what kind of strategy players might employ while competing against each other too! So why not give it shot next time you want some friendly competition with family or friends?