What Is Bubble Soccer? Discover The Benefits & Learn How To Play

man playing soccer on the field


Bubble soccer is a fun and unique sport that has been growing in popularity lately. It combines elements of traditional soccer with an inflatable bubble, allowing players to bump into each other without getting injured. Bubble soccer can be enjoyed by all ages, from kids to adults, and is sure to provide plenty of laughs and exciting moments during the game!

How to Play Bubble Soccer

To play bubble soccer, you will need two teams of five players each, as well as an inflatable bubble for each player. Players should wear comfortable clothes and shoes suitable for running around on the field. The rules are similar to those of regular soccer: try to score goals while preventing your opponent from doing the same. However, the twist comes when players use their bubbles – they can bump into each other without fear of injury! This adds a whole new dimension to traditional soccer gameplay and makes it even more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Benefits Of Playing Bubble Soccer

Aside from being a great way to have some extra fun while playing regular old-fashioned sports like football or basketball, there are several other benefits associated with playing bubble soccer:

• Improved coordination – Bumping into one another helps improve reflexes and hone hand-eye coordination skills;

• Increased fitness levels – Running around in those big bubbles requires quite a bit of energy; it’s great exercise!

• Stress relief – There’s something about bouncing around in a giant inflatable that just feels good; plus you get all the endorphins released during physical activity which helps reduce stress levels too.

• Social interaction – Playing together with friends or family members creates social bonds between people who may otherwise not have much contact outside work or school hours.


Bubble Soccer is quickly becoming one of the most popular team sports out there today thanks to its fast pace action, packed gameplay combined with safety features such as big foam balls surrounding individuals so no one gets hurt if they collide against someone else’s body, making it perfect entertainment for both children & adults alike. With its numerous health benefits, improved coordination, increased fitness level & stress-relieving properties, this game offers something special that anyone can enjoy! So why not give it a try?