The Average Bowler’s Guide to Achieving a High Score

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What is an Average Bowling Score?

Bowling is a great pastime enjoyed by people of all ages. With its simple rules and endless possibilities, seeing how your score stacks up against others can be exciting. But what exactly constitutes an “average” bowling score, and how do you know if you’re doing well or not?

How Is a Bowling Score Calculated?

When playing a game of bowling, the aim is to knock down as many pins as possible in each frame – with 10 frames in total per game. Each pin knocked down counts for one point – though there are additional points awarded for strikes (knocking down all 10 pins on the first attempt) and spares (knocking down all remaining pins on the second attempt). The maximum score achievable in one game of bowling is 300 points.

What Is Considered An Average Bowling Score?

Generally speaking, anything above 120 would be considered a fairly good score for amateur bowlers. However, serious competitors typically average scores between 170-200 per game; these scores may even reach 230-250 from experienced professionals competing at high levels. As such, it’s safe to say that an ‘average’ adult bowling score falls somewhere around 150-160 points – though this will vary depending on age and experience level.

How Can I Improve My Bowling Score?

If you’re looking to improve your own bowling skills and increase your overall score then start by focusing on improving your technique: Make sure you’re using proper form when throwing the ball; practice releasing at different angles; incorporate additional spin into some shots; focus on keeping your arm straight when rolling the ball rather than flicking or jerking it forward too quickly; keep track of which balls work best with which lanes etc… Additionally, make sure you have suitable equipment like quality shoes that fit properly and give sufficient grip while sliding onto the lane! These small adjustments will go a long way towards helping bring up your average scoring potential over time!


In summary, while there’s no single definitive answer as to what constitutes an ‘average’ bowler’s score – generally speaking anything above 120 would be considered pretty decent for amateur bowlers while more experienced players fall within the range of 170-200+ points per game. If achieving higher scores is something that interests you then remember to focus on perfecting technique alongside investing in quality gear such as comfortable shoes so that every slide feels effortless!