What Is An Apron In Golf? Essential Tips To Improve Your Game

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What is an Apron in Golf?

Golf is a game of precision, and a key component of that precision is understanding all the terminology. One such term you might hear when playing golf is “apron.” What does it mean, and how does it affect your game? Let’s take a look at what an apron in golf means, so that you can hit the links with confidence.

Understanding the Meaning of Apron

The definition of an “apron” in golf refers to the area between the edge of the green and where fairway begins. This sloped space plays an important role for shots near and around the green and affects approach shots from farther distances. Generally speaking, this transition zone will be cut shorter than either areas surrounding it—the fairway or rough—so players are forced to adjust their swings accordingly when approaching these areas on their tee shot or second shot into the green.

Applying The Rules To Your Game

When playing through an area with an apron present, there are certain rules that must be kept in mind: firstly, if your ball comes to rest on top of any part of this slope while still being within two club lengths away from its original spot (as determined by measuring along), you can take relief without penalty; secondly, if your ball goes over any part or all parts of this slope regardless if coming back towards its original spot or not then there would be no free drop granted – instead rule 19-1b applies which states ‘Anywhere On course Except When Prohibited By Local Rule’ . Lastly remember that just because clubs may touch ground within two club lengths doesn’t mean relief has been taken – check where ball originally lies before determining if free drop was taken properly according to rule 24-1a now section 1/4a . It’s always best practice double checking one’s interpretation before taking action!


Knowing what an apron in golf is and how to apply its rules can help ensure success during games out on course. Just remember: when playing through areas marked with aprons make sure follow proper procedure according guidelines outlined above so as not incurring penalty strokes! With knowledge like this under your belt ,your next round should be far smoother sailing than ever before