The Ultimate Guide To What A Ward Is In Lacrosse

lacrosse sticks on green field

What is a Ward in Lacrosse?

If you’re just getting into the sport of lacrosse, it can be confusing to understand all the terms and positions. One of these positions is known as a ward, which plays an important role in the defensive strategy of any team. In this article, we will explain what exactly a ward does and how they fit into an overall game plan.

The Role of a Ward in Lacrosse

A ward’s primary responsibility is to defend against opposing players who have control or possession of the ball. They need to anticipate where their opponent may move with it next and get ahead of them so that they are unable to score or advance downfield too far. Wards also play an important role when their team has possession by helping find open teammates for passes or shots on goal.

Because warding requires quick decision-making skills and agility, most coaches prefer experienced players for this position rather than rookies who may not fully understand yet how best to defend against opponents with the ball. This makes sense since wards often need split-second decisions about where to go on defense based off what their opponent does with the ball at any given moment.

Ward Strategies

When playing defense as a ward, one strategy is called “sloughing” which means keeping your body between your opponent and their target while maintaining close contact with them without using illegal moves such as pushing or holding onto them while running around trying to block passing lanes. Another popular tactic used by warding teams involves double-team defending, where two defenders work together to prevent scoring opportunities from happening while still allowing some passing space if needed – this creates confusion among offensive players who do not expect multiple defenders at once! Finally, warding teams should also practice communication techniques like calling out switch assignments whenever possible so everyone knows who needs help covering different areas on the field during playtime action sequences – this helps keep everyone organized even amidst chaotic situations!


Wards are essential components of any lacrosse team’s defensive strategy; they provide support for other defenders and act proactively against opponents attempting to score goals or make long passes downfield by anticipating movement patterns before they happen – requiring quick thinking abilities along with agile movements! With proper training, anyone can become great at filling this role which ultimately leads towards successful outcomes for everyone involved: both offensively & defensively minded alike!