What Is A Volley In Soccer? Here’s How To Master This Skill

white and black ball on white metal frame

What is a Volley in Soccer?

Volleys are an integral part of soccer and can be used to great effect by skilled players. A volley is when a player kicks the ball directly from the air without it touching their feet or any other body part before scoring. It’s one of the most difficult skills to master in soccer, but when done correctly, it can produce some truly spectacular goals.

How to Execute a Volley

Executing a successful volley requires excellent timing and technique. The player must kick the ball as soon as it reaches them in order for them to have time to adjust their footing and target where they want the shot to go. Many players will use their thigh or chest first before making contact with their foot, which helps control and direct the ball more precisely than just kicking it out of midair. Additionally, since volleys usually occur near goalposts, accuracy is essential; otherwise, your attempt may find its way wide or into the goalkeeper’s hands!

Types of Volleys

There are many different types of volleys that players can choose from depending on their situation on the field: half-volley (kicking off the ground), overhead kick (from above head), left-foot volley (right-footed kicker striking with the left foot), and bicycle kick (executed while facing away from goal). All require great skill and technique if you wish for them to be effective during gameplay – practice makes perfect!


Volleying is an advanced technique that takes lots of practice if you want to do it right. Mastering this skill will give you an edge over your opponents and enable you to shoot at even greater distances than normal shots would allow – so get practicing! With enough training, anyone can become proficient at volleying – all they need is patience, commitment, and sheer determination!