What Is A Turkey Shoot In Golf? Get Ready To Score Big!

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What is a Turkey Shoot in Golf?

Have you ever heard of a “turkey shoot” while playing golf? A turkey shoot is a special tournament game that can be played among friends or competitors at the golf course. It usually involves four players competing to win three in nine holes. The winner of the match walks away with bragging rights and perhaps even some prizes!

A turkey shoot requires skillful play and strategy, as well as luck, since it’s possible to score more than one win on any single hole. To start, each player tees off from their designated tee box and then chooses which ball they want to continue playing from; either theirs or another player’s ball. Once all four players have chosen which ball they wish to use, the competition begins!

How does scoring work for a Turkey Shoot?

The goal for each hole is for one player to earn 3 points: 2 points if they are closest-to-the-pin (CTP) and 1 point if they make par or better. If no one makes par or better on any given hole, then that round ends without anyone earning any points. After 9 holes are completed, whoever has earned 3 points first (aka “a turkey”) wins! If there is still no winner after 9 holes, additional holes may be played until someone achieves three CTPs within those extra rounds.

In other words: get your birdie putts ready because it’s time for some competitive fun on the green! With its fast pace and thrilling outcomes, there’s nothing quite like participating in a turkey shoot when you head out to hit some balls with your buddies at the local driving range – so why not give it a try next time you’re feeling up for an exciting challenge?


Turkey shoots are an excellent way to spice up your next golf outing with friends – don’t forget about keeping track of scores throughout each round so everyone knows who won the match in the end! With its unique ruleset that enables multiple winners per round depending on how many CTP shots were made by each competitor – this game promises plenty of excitement every time out on the greens. So grab your clubs and take part in this classic tournament style today; you won’t regret it!