The ABCs of Tennis: What Is A Match Section Called?

green tennis balls on tennis court

What is a Tennis Match Section Called?

Tennis is an exciting and strategic sport that requires precision and quick thinking. It’s also a great way to stay active while having fun with friends or family. A tennis match consists of several sections called “games” or “sets,” depending on the format being played. But what exactly are these sections called in tennis?

Games and Sets: The Building Blocks of Tennis Matches

In a typical game of singles, two players compete against each other to reach four points (also known as games). The player who wins the most games out of six or twelve sets wins the match. In doubles matches, each team has four players competing against one another to reach six points (or sets). Winning two out of three sets will result in victory for that particular team.

If one player does not win enough games within their set, then it will be considered a tie-break situation; this means the game must continue until one side has won seven points by at least two clear points over their opponent/s (usually 7-5). This rule applies even if both teams have achieved equal amounts of point during regular playtime.


Tennis is an exciting sport that combines strategy with physicality; understanding how its various rules work can help you become better at playing it yourself! Knowing what different parts are referred to as can give you greater insight into the structure of the game – so whether you’re watching it or playing it yourself, now you know that individual sections are referred to as either ‘games’ or ‘sets’.